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Digital printing

Digital printing uses a digitised image (i.e. a matrix of pixels) as a “map” to control deposits of ink or toner on to paper or other materials, to reproduce images.  It has transformed the design and print landscape by making high quality printing cost effective for low print runs,. There’s virtually no set up time or…
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Thermography is the process where powder is added to wet ink, this sticks to the areas that are covered in ink. Then the paper is baked, and its this process that melts the powder and result is a raised coloured glossy area. This can be applied to text or artwork to add an extra dimension…
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Litho (Offset) Printing

Litho printing, or offset litho, has dominated the print industry for many years. It is a simple principle whereby an image is created on a plate, transferred (or offset) onto a blanket in mirror form before finally being transferred onto the material. Benefits are many; quality is exceptional, material range is unsurpassed , and speed…
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