Litho (Offset) Printing

Litho (Offset) Printing

Litho printing, or offset litho, has dominated the print industry for many years. It is a simple principle whereby an image is created on a plate, transferred (or offset) onto a blanket in mirror form before finally being transferred onto the material. Benefits are many; quality is exceptional, material range is unsurpassed , and speed (once setup) is exceptionally fast. However, as technology has changed and digital printing continues to develop, Litho printing is fast being viewed as an out dated and old fashioned method of production – indeed, to the average person, the differences between litho and digital print are impossible to spot.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Litho Printing

  • Litho printing is the most cost effective method to produce a long print run.  It is also possible to print on a wider range of material weights and textures than with digital printing, as the ink often ‘sits’ better on the page.  Litho printing can accurately reproduce the entire spectrum of Pantone® spot colours.
  • The only real draw back of litho printing is the set up cost to create the plates and get the  job ready on press, so for smaller print runs there will be a point at which digital printing becomes more cost effective.

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